segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Happy Easter

                HAPPY EASTER!
It's being able to change, Life is hoping to share, is fighting to overcome all sorts of suffering. Is to help more people be people, is living in constant release, is to believe in life that conquers death. You say yes to love and life, is to invest in brotherhood, to fight for a better world is experiencing solidarity. It's rebirth, is beginning, is a new chance to improve things we dislike in ourselves, to be happier by knowing ourselves a little bit more and see that today, 're better than we were yesterday.

quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

teacher's questions

1- Did you like this song ? Why or why not ?
I loved the music, the band playing in the water.

2- What´s your opinion about the video clip?
     I found cool and interesting

3- How many verbs can you take in this song ?
    20 verbs.

4- Translate ( traduza a parte em negrito  e de outra cor da música)
   Quando você está comigo
     Eu estou livre ... Eu estou descuidado ... Eu acredito
     Acima de todos os outros nós voaremos
     Isso traz lágrimas aos meus olhos
     Meu sacrifício